Unveiling Conference Japan


Biohacker Center Japan provides a new platform towards mobilizing health & wellness industrial professionals, communities and companies interested in reinforcing existing or building new cooperation in terms of partnership, trade, investment, innovation, and business opportunities through an unveiling conference.

This hybrid conference builds a bridge between Japan and the E.U and offers start ups and small business in EU reasonable deals, including business oriented customers, interpreters, representitives who explains your products ans service at on-site in Tokyo.

Limited companies (Biohacker Summit Exhibitors only) are invited and makes this conference higher quality because Biohacker Center Japan carefully offers trusted and gwowing companies from both Japan and EU.

Biohacker Center Japan will be taking care of promotion including press release and Japanese media, interpretation, and coordination without outsourcing. This is our best offer and makes exhibitor fee lower. Also, discounted price is offered for the first conference.

Conference and Matchmaking

This cozy and compact conference offers both on-site and online opportunities to introduce your products/service to Japanese companies. Business negotiation could be any form such as partnership, distributorship, investment, and funding without attending huge and expensive conferences.


  • Unveiling Conference Japan Vol1 will be held on 4th week of January 2023.(any week day 23rd-27th) Dates will be determined based on the availability of participating companies.
  • Presentation by participating companies from E.U will be livestreaming for those Japanese companies, which cannot come to the venue on the day.
  • Visting Japan, having a presentatio and negotiating by yourself are more than welcome.  
  • Samples, prodcuts, catalogs and any other promotional material with instructions will be shipped to the office in Tokyo before the conference, and customers will be able to see them on the day of conference. Japanese staff will be professionally handling customers with respect and your instructions.
  • This conference will be press released in Japanese, so your company's name will be on Japanese media.
  • There is no fidden fee.


Biohacker Center Japan (the official partner of Biohacker Center BHC Oy) promoting biohacking content in Japan coordinates business matching between "Biohacker Summit exhibitors" and "Japanese corporations."



It offers an excellent opportunity for capital alliances, business tie-up, finding an exclusive importer, establishing a Japanese branch, and much more.

It will be an opportunity for your company to raise funds, gain product recognition, expand sales channels, and promote a brand in Japan, as Biohacker Center Japan is currently working on promoting biohacking content and Biohacker Summit Tokyo.




Why is this beneficial?

(1) Utilize subsidies to enter the Japanese market.

In Finland and other countries in the EU, each government offers subsidies for exhibiting, promoting, and marketing at overseas expos and conferences.


(2) CVC in Japan = higher probability of receiving investment.

The wave of CVC in Europe and the U.S. is spreading to Japanese companies 3-5 years later than in the U.S. and Europe.

Japanese companies are competing with domestic Start-up companies for investment.

Biohacking is a new industry for Japanese companies, so "Biohacker Summit exhibitors" will attract Japanese companies' attention.


(3) Reliability of Japanese companies

Biohacker Center Japan has complete confidence in the characteristics of Japanese participants (diligence, warmth, and humanity), and Japanese companies (cooperation and contractual compliance) are the critical factors in ensuring safety and security as a business partner.


(4) Weak Yen in Japan

The rapid depreciation of the Japanese yen continues to present opportunities for "Biohacker Summit exhibitors."



Title = Unveiling Conference Japan vol.1 (Biohacker Summit Exhibitors only)

Purpose = Business matchmaking between overseas start-ups and Japanese companies (capital tie-ups, business alliances, and much more.)

Location = Innovation Office BIZSPO (Nagatacho Glass Gate B1F, 2-16-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Date: January X, 2023 (presentation time will be at midnight in Finland)


Supporting Organizations: Public organizations (Under negotiation, including the Embassy of Finland in Japan)

Attending companies = More than 100 Japanese companies (CVC and new business divisions of listed companies and small and medium-sized enterprises)

Requirements = Biohacker Summit exhibitors only (10 exhibitors for vol.1)

Inovation Office BIZSPO
Tokyo, Japan



Nagatacho Glass Gate B1F, 2-16-9 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku